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How would you respond to your own complicity in a childhood indiscretion? What if the memory of that one singular event persisted throughout your life as vividly as the day it happened? What if it prompted a choice and a reason to fulfill your purpose?


Ken is haunted incessantly by these questions. A single phone call, made when he was just nine years old, initiates a cascade of circumstances that eventually become the core of his reality. Every action has intent, every intent has motive, and every motive has necessity. Without announcing itself, love stirs necessity and grows quietly, waiting patiently for the moment when it is recognized.


Faithful Endeavors is the first book of The Call trilogy by author JMA Ziegler.  This remarkable story reveals a deeply personal account of discovery, perseverance and awakening for two extraordinarily perceptive children, who meet through a misguided phone call.  This story is inspired by that actual call made fifty years ago.


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